“Able child is an independent child.”
~ Naomi Jaye Achondo, 2004

Naomi Jaye A. Achondo, OTR/L, always believed that as long as the child is able then independence is achieved. It is one of her lifelong professional goals as an occupational therapist, to establish a pediatric therapy center, thus, the establishment of NJA THERAPY SERVICES INC.

NJA Therapy Services, Inc. started as a home health provider in 2005 in the San Gabriel Valley. In 2007, NJA Therapy opened its door in the beautiful small city of Claremont, CA. Her motto and mantra for NJA Therapy is “redefining child’s independence” through occupational therapy and other therapeutic interventions.

NJA Therapy expanded services by offering Physical Therapy and Speech-Language Pathology in various settings: home health, schools and center. NJA Therapy aims to help infants, toddlers and children develop and reach their necessary milestones as much as possible. Children achieve independence or the highest functional capacity in their play, social, motor, cognitive and sensory skills through these specialized pediatric therapies to become efficient learners in their environment.

NJA Therapy sessions are individualized according to the child’s needs. Each session is geared towards the child’s interests. Activities are safe, non-threatening with the “just right challenge” (Ayres, 1979), with heaps of fun and creativity. NJA Therapy center has a home like environment with warm, caring staff to help you and your child feel at home and be part of our family.