NJA Therapy will help “redefine child’s independence” using his daily living skills and occupations. A child’s primary occupation is PLAY. We encourage parents to be involved during the therapy session and have fun with their child!

• Occupational Therapy

• Occupational Therapy

• Physical Therapy

NJA Therapy is an NPA registered. We are therapy providers for the regional centers, most insurances, & schools. We accept PRIVATE clients, too.

Contact us at office@njatherapy.com OR 909.833.1099 to inquire!

Developmental Consultation and Evaluation

Sensory Processing & Integration Evaluation & treatment

Feeding Evaluation & treatment

Independent Education Evaluation (IEE) & school therapy

Motor skills evaluation and treatment program

  • Gross motor skills training
  • Fine motor skills training
  • Handwriting
  • Tool use

Individual & group treatments

Social Skill Classes

The Listening Program


Write SMART/ Handwriting Camp

Seasonal Classes/camps